T70  Mix Zoom lamp, five eye light source is adopted, with luminous flux up to 10000 lumens, effective lighting distance over 400m, support 2 ° / 20 ° zoom, and cooperate with zoom camera to freely switch lighting distance and range. Integrated three-axis gimbal, 360 ° light control, support light camera dual gimbal linkage, support brightness adjustment, strong light explosion and flash and other modes. Self regulating cooling fan, efficient heat dissipation, IP45 waterproof and dustproof, not afraid of rain and guarding the light.

10000 Lume

Light flow


Mix zoom


Stabilized gimbal


Lighting distance

Product Function


Dual PWM dimming can improve the instantaneous power output and reduce the average power consumption at the same time. Support various modes such as brightness adjustment, strong light explosion and flash, and use DJI Pilot APP One click switching to meet the lighting  requirements in various environments.


2 ° telephoto indicates the orientation, 20 ° wide angle provides a wide range of lighting, 2 ° / 20 ° combined zoom with zoom camera, and freely switches the lighting distance and range.


The three-axis stabilized gimbal 360 ° controls the light direction and provides free angle lighting. It can also realize double gimbal linkage with zenmus series gimbal cameras and control the camera light to follow automatically.

Variable heat dissipation

The high-speed cooling fan adjusts the speed according to the real-time load temperature to achieve efficient heat dissipation.

Technical Parameter

Product modelJZ_T70
Electrical interfaceDJI SkyPort V2
Size112 x 140 x 124 mm
Degree protectionIP4X
Supported modelsMatrice 300 RTK、Matrice 200 V2
Most power68W
Stable systemTriaxial(pitch,roll,yaw)
Angular jitter±0.01°
Installation modeDJI SKYPORT
Ambient temperature
Working temperature-10 °C ~ 50 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C ~ 60 °C
Lighting modeMix zoom
Lighting angle2°/20°
Lighting distance50m100m150m300m
Lighting area244m²976m²2197m²-
Central illuminance135Lux38Lux12Lux4Lux