The Extreme M30 Quick Search Kit is a powerful equipment. It has a lighting power of 60W and weighs only 230 grams. The kit features a 14° spotlight design, providing illumination brightness of over 36lux at a distance of 50 meters. It is equipped with a single-axis stabilized gimbal that supports camera gimbal linkage and includes a color light group with the ability to switch between five colors. Additionally, it supports DJI Pilot 2 control.

In terms of the public address function, the kit utilizes TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology for voice broadcasting. It can achieve a maximum sound pressure level of 114DB at a distance of one meter. The effective broadcast distance exceeds 300 meters and it supports real-time voice broadcasting with DJI Pilot 2. Furthermore, it supports bilingual TTS loop playback and can play multiple languages and local dialects.

In conclusion, the Extreme M30 Public Address and Lighting Kit is a comprehensive equipment that combines lighting and public address functions. It is suitable for emergency and security management scenarios.


Sound pressure at 1 meter


The maximum power


Spotlight illumination


Lighting distance

Product Function

Lighting illumination, intense light flashes

Supports one-key switch, brightness adjustment, flash brightness, and flash frequency adjustment. 

Colored indicator lights

Supports multiple modes and color switching. 

Text playback, voice recording and playback

Supports text-to-speech playback and DJI Pilot 2 remote control voice recording and playback.


Controllable gimbal, control angle of +30° to -90°, supports gimbal-camera coordination.

Technical Parameter

Product modelJZ_T60S + H1E
Electrical interfaceDJI SDK
Size(T60S+H1E)122 x 163 x 68 mm
Weight(T60S+H1E)128g + 102g
Degree protectionIP44
Searchlight power60W
Speaker power10W
Sound pressure at 1 meter114db
Broadcasting distance300m
Methods of voiceDJI Pilot 2
Lighting modesCombined lighting
Lighting angle14°
GimbalSingle-axis stabilization gimbal
Installation methodQuick-release screw
Working temperature-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Lighting distance50m100m150m
Lighting area113m²471m²1063m²
Central illuminance36Lux8.7Lux3.7Lux
Reference table for the variation of lighting range and center brightness with lighting distance