JZ_H150S VISUAL SPEAKER using four groups of high pitch compression driver combination, 150mm large caliber, only weighs 520g. Depth optimization of the human voice frequency band, TTS text shout the loudest pressure level of 126db, one kilometer can be clearly heard. It is equipped with an increased stability head, which can be linked with the camera head. It is equipped with a full-function FPV camera, which can observe the target of Shouting, take photos and video, and playback and download. Support for DJI Pilot2 real-time shoutout, bilingual TTS playback loop, support for multiple languages and local dialects. 32GB of built-in storage, USB directly connected computer for music copy and firmware upgrade.


TTS maximum sound pressure level


Distance of broadcast


90° Controllable gimbal


Integrated FPV camera

Product Function

TTS playback

Support text to voice playback, support Chinese and English and local dialects.

Audio Playback

It supports playing MP3, WAV, FLAC and other formats uploaded by SD card and files, support pilot2 shout.

USB Disk Mode

Connect the computer through USB and change it to the U disk mode. It is more convenient for audio storage, with built-in 32G storage space

Recording And Shouting

Real time shouting and recording uploading through pilot.


Equipped with a full-function FPV camera to observe the shouting target,It can be photographed, recorded, played back and downloaded.

Technical Parameter

Product modelJZ_H150S
Electrical interfaceDJI SkyPort V2
Size154 x 155 x 130mm
Weightapprox 520g
Supported modelsMatrice 300RTK
Alarm sound pressure at 1 meter≥130db
TTS plays the sound pressure at 1 meter≥125db
Propagation distance≥800m
Rated power consumption50W
Coding formath264
CameraPhotography、video、playback、 download
Video distanceConsistent with UAV
Mode of speechSupport DJI-Pilot2 shout
Gimbal systemSteering gear head
Installation modeDJI SKYPORT
Rotation rangepitch:-90°~0°
Working temperature-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃