JZ_H150 VISUAL SPEAKER, It adopts 150 mm super caliber, and the bass can dive below 500Hz, making the voice clearer. It is equipped with a brushless pan tilt, which controls the wire sliding and automatically increases the stability. It is equipped with a full-function FPV camera to observe the shouting target. It can take pictures and videos, playback and download. Support DJI pilot custom controls, provide the control experience of native app, cooperate with special floating window controls, unlock all functions, support music playback, TTS text playback, recording and audio upload, real-time shouting, support Bluetooth connection, wireless headset radio, support mobile phone, walkie talkie and other real-time audio input.


Maximum sound pressure level


Output caliber




Integrated FPV camera

Product Function

Audio Playback

Support various types of audio playback, Chinese and English and local dialect text playback, and support remote control audio file upload.

Recording and shouting

Support real-time shouting and recording and playing through various links such as remote control.


Equipped with a full-function FPV camera to observe the shouting target,It can be photographed, recorded, played back and downloaded.


Equipped with brushless pan tilt, control wire sliding, automatic stability increase, and support pan tilt linkage.

Technical Parameter

Product modelJZ_H150
Electrical interfaceDJI SkyPort V2
Size150 x 145 x 137mm
Supported modelsMatrice 300RTK、Matrice 200 V2
Maximum sound130db
Propagation distance>500m
Most power15W
Coding formath264
CameraPhotography、video、playback、 download
Video distanceConsistent with UAV
Gimbal systemBrushless platform
Angular jitter±0.1°
Installation modeDJI SKYPORT
Rotation rangepitch:-90°~0°
Working temperature-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃